War carpets typically portray many different events that can occur during a war.  Some of them focus on a main motif such as a tank, helicopter, or the famous AK-47. While the AK-47 is ubiquitous around the world, tanks for the most part are not. We wanted to take a look at the influences of the tank in war carpet design and how they are depicted in such varying fashions on the carpets.

T-38 in the mountains of Afghanistan

The below depicts a triangle type turret at the center of the tank with single main gun and a machine gun. This tank design is reminiscent of some WWII-era tanks possibly the T-38.

The T-54/55 and T-62 Soviet tanks were the most common throughout Afghansitan and had many different versions during the conflict. See below images. The round turret is distinct enough to be mimicked.

The below carpet images could be configuartions of the Soviet BTR Armored Personnel Carrier which operated all over Afghanistan.

It’s important to note that at the time Soviet Union supplied Afghanistan with weapons becuase of the communist backed goverment. The Chinese supplied tanks to the Mujahideen during the civil war. If you look carefully you will see the Afghan flag on tanks including dari writing.

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